Location & Times 
Classes are held every Tuesday afternoon/evening from February to early December each year at Doonside Community Centre, 31 Graham Street Doonside, facing Hillend Rd, Doonside.
Classes will commence on Tuesday 12th February 2019 at Marayong Community Centre, Railway Road Marayong due to renovations at our Doonside Hall. We will return to Doonside in March. 
2019 Class Times
Age Group Start Time Finish Time  Teachers
 3 - 6 years 
 4:00 pm 
 4:30 pm
 Kirsteen & Tori
 7 & 8 years 
 4:30 pm
 5:15 pm 
 Kirsteen & Tori 
 9 & 10 years 
 5:15 pm
 6:00 pm
 Kirsteen & Courtney
 11 & 12 years 
 5:30 pm
 6:15 pm
 Kirsteen & Courtney
 13 - 16 years 
 6:15 pm
 7:00 pm
 Kirsteen & Renee
 7:00 pm 
 8:00 pm  Kirsteen 
 8:00 pm
 9:00 pm
 Sue & Lisa 
Age groups are determined by the age of the participant as of September 1st, 2019.   
Additional Classes 
Additional classes are held on Thursday afternoon/evening later in the year for team practices at Blacktown Girl Guide, Kildare Rd, Blacktown. 
Registration & Fees  
Blacktown City Physie has been approved for both the Active Kids Vouchers and Creative Kids Vouchers. All school aged children are eligable and is a saving of up to $200 per child at Physie, covering both registration and class fees. 
*Please note: The Active and Creative Kids Vouchers can not be used in the same term.

Step 1: Go online to the Service NSW website to redeem the Active and Creative Kids Vouchers.
You can apply for an Active Kids Voucher by following this link: www.service.nsw.gov.au/transaction/apply-active-kids-voucher
You can apply for the Creative Kids Voucher by foloowing this link: www.service.nsw.gov.au/transaction/apply-creative-kids-voucher
Step 2: Bring your $100 Active Kids voucher to Blacktown City Physie to be redeemed in the first term for Registration and Fees.
Step 3: Use your $100 Creative Kids voucher in the 2nd term for fees. 


3 - 4 years: $65
5 years - Ladies: $80 
These amounts include registration to the Edith Parsons School of Physical Culture, public liability insurance, music copy right, participation in zone events, awards at competitions, club administrative costs and club fundraising levy.
These fees must be paid in Term 1. 
Blacktown City Physie Registration Form 2019
Class Fees:
Class fees are charged by our club to cover the costs of hall hire, club based awards and other general costs. Our club teachers are all volunteers who teach for their love of physie. 
Class fees can be paid weekly or in installments, in cash or by direct debit.  
First lesson is free for new members. 
3 - 6 years: $5 
7 - 16 years: $6 
Seniors & Ladies: $7 
Term Installments 
Term 3 - 6 years 7 - 16 years Seniors & Ladies
 Term 1 (9 weeks)
 Term 2 (10 weeks) 
 Term 3 (11 weeks) 
 Term 4 (7 weeks) 
4 - 6 years: $185 
7 - 16 years: $222
Seniors & Ladies: $259
Dress Code 

It is essential to have a full range of motion during class and that your teacher is able to see the outline/ lines of your body to correct positions and technique to prevent injury. Therefore loose or baggy clothing is not suitable for class.

We recommend wearing:

·       Club branded attire

·       Club coloured singlet tops or fitted t-shirts

·       Club coloured or black bike shorts or tights

·       Practice leotard

·       Hair pulled back out of face, e.g. ponytail, plait or bun

Our silver, soft-soled ballet shoes with silver 1/4 inch elastic are to be worn from 2nd term for our members to get the feel of completing the physie routines safely and comfortably in ballet shoes as they are required to be worn at competitions. You can purchase a pair of brand new ballet shoes from most dance stores, or second-hand ballet shoes are available to purchase from our uniform shop for a discounted price. 

Water bottles are also recommended to bring to each class.


Club Attire

We have club branded attire that is available to wear to class and competitions. Club attire is optional, but a great way to show pride for our club as well as ensuring you have appropriate clothing to wear to class.

Orders for club attire are completed during terms 1 and 2, however you can purchase second-hand club attire from our uniform shop at a discounted price or wear our club colours (black, white and hot pink/maroon).


Club jacket: $60

Baseball button up: $25 - $30

Singlet: $10 

Long sleeve: $12 


Sports bag: Price TBA

Leotard garment bag: $20

Ballet shoe bag: Price TBA 


If you wish to compete in individual or team competitions, you will need to purchase: 
Leotard & Skirt
Leotards and skirts are compulsory for all competitions. 
All girls 7 years to Ladies will require a team leotard and skirt for team competitions and club competition at the end of the year. 
Individual leotards and skirts are required for inter club and champion girl/lady competitions for all members.
Leotard style, colour and neckline are free choice, providing the NO leotard has a bare midriff (front, back or sides) or gives the appearance of such. The back must be covered from the bra strap to the waist. The front must be high enough so it does not become lower when exercising.
Skirts must be worn at all times when a leotard is worn. Skirts should be six panels and sit on the waist, and must not be transparent. They may be sewn into the leotard or worn separately with a waist band. Spilts are free choice.
Individual second hand leotards & skirts are available to purchase from our uniform shop or you may have one made new.
Ballet Shoes
Silver, soft-soled ballet shoes with silver 1/4 inch elastic are compulsory for all girls and ladies at all competitions. 
Tights are optional up to 12 years of age but compulsory from 13 years and over, fishnets can be worn from 13 years. 
Shimmer tights (Fiesta brand, full feet, skin tone colour) are required for our 11 & 12 teams, (Danskin brand) for our Ladies teams. 
Fishnets (Paul Wright brand, stirrup, toast colour) are required for our 13 - 16 years and Seniors teams. 
Hair, Make-up & Tan
Hair is to be worn off the face is a upstyled hair do. Hair accessories such as bows and ribbons are permitted. No glitter hairspray is to be worn at any competitions. 
Natural make-up is required for girls 13 years and over. No girl in the 3 - 12 years is permitted to wear make-up. 
Natural looking spray tans are allowed for girls 13 years and over for individual competitions, and are required for girls 13 and over for team competitions.