Our Teachers and Assistant Teachers for 2018

Originally Doonside Club opened in 1963.

Suzanne Sim (Milton) was the instructress from 1976 to1983.

Kirsteen Browne commenced physi as a three year old under "Miss Suzie" and after two other instructresses, Kerry Mitchell (1984-1985) and Narelle Sharpe (1986-1992), Kirsteen took over the reigns in 1993. Her mum Gloria Bryson is Kirsteen's biggest supporter and is still actively involved in helping run the club today.

The Club changed its name to Blacktown City in 2001. In 2001 Suzanne returned to an instructress role teaching the ladies class and assisting with other groups.

We have four assistant teachers helping us:-

Courtney Browne -  Courtney is in our Open Senior age group and has been doing physi since she was 3. She has constantly been a State Finalist and last year placed 6th at Grand. Courtney will be helping her mum (Kirsteen) teach our 9 to 12 year old girls, she loves seeing how much they improve throughout the year.

Tori Coleman - Tori is in our Intermediate Senior age group and has been doing physi since she was 3. She has constantly been a state finalist, with her best result last year placing 3rd at Grand. Each year Tori learns and teaches the dance for the junior age groups, she will also be assisting Kirsteen with the 4 to 8 year olds. As well as her love for physi she has become the club hairdresser doing many of the girls hair for competitions.

Renee Jacobs will be assisting Kirsteen with 13 to 16 year age group. Renee has now joined our ladies section. Renee has made her way through the age groups after starting physi at the age of 5. Her best result was making grand as an intermediate senior. Renee has a great love and passion for physi which she passes onto our teenage girls.

Lisa Czipri will be assisting Sue with the Ladies age group. Physi has always played a large part in Lisa's life. Lisa is currently in the Open Seniors age group and has been doing physi since she was a 4 year old. Lisa has represented the club at a State and Grand level on many occasions. Lisa is a wonderful role model for all our members.

Throughout its history Blacktown City has produced 7 grand champion girls including Kirsteen in 2005 and 2006 and more recently Fah Muinoi (10 years) in 2010. We have also enjoyed success in team events with many teams taking out places including the 15 -16 years and Elementary Ladies winning in 2016 and the 9-10 years winning in 2010. The looks on their faces was priceless. We love teams, it is the most rewarding and exciting part of physi.

Kirsteen and Suzanne are extremely proud of all our members and delight in seeing the girls and ladies  achieving their "personal best".