Edith Parsons Physi is about posture, flexibility, core body strenght, rhythm, dance and co-ordination all performed to modern music.

Girls from 3 years of age are welcome to join our club. They progress through all age groups until they reach 17 and join our seniors. They can stay in this section until ready to move into our ladies classes.

You may join at any age and any level of fitness. All members are taught a new syllabus of routines each year in their specific group. 

Non compulsory individual and team competitions give our members the opportunity to perform in front of an audience, meet new friends increase their self confidence and experience the joy of team spirit. These routines are judged in both competitions at the end of each year.

Blacktown City physi girls become part of an extended physi family. Many life long friendships have been made through physi which builds a great club spirit.

 Blacktown City Rule Book